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 Θέμα δημοσίευσης: [CREA 2017] Extended deadline to apply
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Transform an idea into a business idea

We’re close to the 3rd edition of Crea Summer Academy, and excited to start again!
Due to the great number of applications received, we decided to extend the deadline
to the 30th of June!

Last places available, don’t miss the chance! Hurry up!
Download the call ( and apply now (

“when you join one of the CREA Summer Academies, you start with an idea and a vision, and go out with an entrepreneurial attitude together with a great start-up experience.”
At the CREA Summer Academies and Business Contest, you will be part of an (early stage) start-up team and work on your business idea, combining knowledge and experience from creativity, business theory and technology. Join #CREA17 in Italy, Germany or the Netherlands this summer for your first start-up adventure!

Discover all the #CREA17 Summer Academies
24th July – 4th August organized by Politecnico di Milano – Design department
3rd - 14th July 2017 organized by HKU University of the Arts
28th August – 8th September organized by BWCON GMBH

It’s possible to apply to the summer academies, for individuals and teams with a
Business Idea or simply with the desire to empower their skills.
Attending one of the CREA Summer Academies, participants enrolled in EU Universities could gain 3 ECTS.

Time’s running, but we’re thrilled to have all of you together for this summer adventure!
We’re looking forward to hear your ideas and to help you realize them, being part of your own start-up!
See you soon!
#CREA17 staff

What is CREA?
CREA is an international project, born as a European Project and founded under the Horizon2020 program. Offering Summer Academies across Europe, CREA aims to strengthen entrepreneurship in innovative sectors by using ICT and Creativity as levers. In CREA people come in with an idea and go out with a concrete project with business model. Crea summer academy provides an all-round training, which takes participants from an idea, via the identification of market opportunities, to conceptualization and planning and finally to the start-up of a new company. But there is even more: a qualified jury chooses the best ideas and the selected projects have the opportunity to pitch it in front of possible investors.

Discover more here:

Σχόλια αρχείου: Extended Newsletter CREA17
Extended_Newsletter_CREA17 (1).pdf [1.66 MiB]
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