Sino-Hellenic Academic Project_Bilateral Projects 2018

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Sino-Hellenic Academic Project_Bilateral Projects 2018

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Sino-Hellenic Academic
Project - Bilateral Projects

The Sino-Hellenic Academic Project (SHAP) is a collaboration between the University of the Aegean (UAEGEAN), Greece, and Henan University (HENU), China, which seeks to promote further research about ancient Greek and Chinese Civilisations through a series of comparative and parallel projects. It is a project which aims to bring Greek and Chinese academics closer together through joint-conferences, joint-publications, workshops and so on. Crucially, both universities have established centres in each other’s campuses: the Centre for Hellenic Civilisation at Henan University, and the Centre for Yellow River Civilisation at the University of the Aegean. This was initiated through an MOU between UEAGEAN and HENU.
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