call for Papers_Aspects of Oral Narration

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call for Papers_Aspects of Oral Narration

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Call for papers,
Conference at the Danish Institute at Athens, 29-30 September 2018,
"From Homer to Hatzi-Yavrouda - Aspects of oral narration in the Greek tradition".

The aim of this conference is to analyze and discuss various aspects of orally produced and diffused stories from the Greek tradition, from Antiquity up to the storytelling communities in the 20th century.

We wish to study orality from different genres and periods within the Greek tradition and from different academic fields, as e.g. classical philology, byzantine studies, folklore, and comparative literature. Proposals in all these fields are welcome as are proposals addressing the interrelationship between oral and written literature, or the influence from and to other cultures. For the modern period special focus will be given to the folktale.

Abstracts of no more than one page should be sent before 1 May 2018 to:

An academic committee will evaluate the abstracts received.

The acts of the conference will be published in the Monography Series of The Danish Institute (MoDIA). All contributions will be peer-reviewed. Please state in your abstract that you accept publication.
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